Abduljaber Al Harethi

Born and raised in a prosperous and achievement-driven country like the United Arab Emirates, Abduljaber Al Harethi grew, like many others, to become an ambitious businessman with a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. Immersed in a society where values and traditions lie at the heart of every family and constitute the pride of every Emirati, Abduljaber looked no further than these traditions to find a passion that changed his life.

Synonymous with ancient heritage and anchored in Arabian local traditions, scents and perfumes have always mesmerized Abduljaber, since his young age. Whether the scent of bukhoor at home, or the traditional fragrances of oud, musk, jasmine, or amber, they all proudly recall an essential part of his culture, intriguing him to know more about this inherited craft.

Abduljaber’s curiosity led him to enroll in many workshops where he learnt the secrets of perfumery, topping his passion with expertise. In 2012, he decided to turn his fascination for this mystic world into a business that would not only greatly reflect the beauty of his country, but also honor its name. This is when “Ghirit Watan” was born, a patriotic collection of luxurious perfumes that earned him a Forbes award during the Year of Innovation, designated to be the year 2015 by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The award celebrates Abduljaber, among other nationals, as a business leader inspiring the UAE and contributing to the nation’s global position as an incubator of innovation and inspirational ideas.